Mar 062011

Do you see status updates in Facebook from only select few people? All the time? Do not fret, your other friends haven’t blocked you from seeing their status updates nor have they abandoned Facebook and become a monk.

Thanks to a new ‘feature’ introduced by Facebook which of course they decided to set as default.

Show posts from: Friends and pages you interact with most

This feature had led me to believe only a few of my friends were actually active on Facebook! Thanks to Reddit, I got to know about this and changed my setting to Show posts from all my friends and pages!

Here is how you can do it too!

1. In the Facebook Landing page, click on Most Recent

2. If you are in the ‘Most Recent’ page,  drop down menu will be activated next to the text which says Most Recent.


3. Choose Edit Options


4. Check if your setting looks like the image below Show posts from: Friends and pages you interact with most


5. If Yes, change it to Show posts from: All of your friends and pages


That’s it! You should now see updates form all your friends.

PS: I still do not understand how facebook decides what is top news and what is not, If you do, please let me through your comments!

Feb 032011

Thanks to Microsoft, I got a shiny HTC Mozart 2 weeks back and I have been exploring it ever since. I will be sharing some tips and tricks in the next few posts which are not well documented any may be hard to find out just by intuition.

One of the best things about my new phone is the autocorrect feature. It is absolutely fantastic and is right most of the time, however, there has been a few instances where it doesn’t understand the local lingo, auto’corrects’ and fails.

Here’s how you can add words to the autocorrect bucket.

  1. Type the word and hit spacebar, you should see the autocorrected word being substituted
  2. Delete the word and type your word again. This time autocorrect should not ‘correct’ your word.
  3. Now select the word you just typed, you should see a list of words in the suggestions bar
  4. Select the word you have typed in which appears with a “’+” symbol next to it, voila, your new word is added.
Jan 192011

I have always wanted to blog from my mobile device but my old mobile would never make it comfortable for me although, technically, it had allthe features in the world.

Thanks to my work place, I have a very handy mobile internet device – the htc
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Dec 132010

I could have as well titled my post “How to add your manager on face book and still manage to have a life! :)

What do you do when one of your colleagues at work or your manager asks “Do you have a facebook account?” I have seen replies ranging from “What’s facebook?” to “Let me send you an invite right away!” however, when somehow they do find you and send a friend request, you can’t deny that you have a face book account and suddenly face book becomes less interesting. You cannot rant about your workplace or put up inappropriate status updates. I am not against being responsible in the social media, just that a few friends and colleagues from your college or workplace should not make you think thrice before you share something on facebook.

Enough prologue, coming to the point, I will show you today how you can separate, or should I say categorize friends on face book so that you can add all your colleagues from work without worrying. It helps when you want certain updates to be visible to certain group of people, say relatives, friends, work, college, what have you!

In the right hand top corner on your facebook page, choose account and click on privacy settings and go to Custom.


Although you have a lot of settings which you can change here, posts and pictures are of particular interest to us.


Click on customize again and hide all your status updates from people in your “Work” list.


Now how do I add users to a specific list? Click on account > Edit Friends and create a new list. Categorize your friends according to your preference. With this combination, you can decide who sees what on face book.

Now, if you want to share something with everyone including your professors, colleagues and your neighbor’s dog – make sure you click on the small padlock button when you are posting and choose “everyone”


As you can see, Everyone is my default privacy setting! If you have followed my instructions, you should “custom’” in bold which needs to be overridden here.

Hope this helps all my friends who were skeptical of adding their friends from work or college solely for this reason.

Please leave a comment if this post helped you in some small way.

PS: For people who are doubting my motivation to put up this post – Luckily, I have a cool manager and he was on my friends list well before face book beefed up its privacy settings :P

Dec 092010

google_docs_logo I have multiple machines at work and my work involves copying text from one machine and pasting it another application. There are multiple internal and external tools available to do this, however, all of them tend to fail. Sometimes, the application accesses the clipboard of the same machine where it should have ideally accessed the other machine’s clipboard.
Although I am not a heavy user of Google docs, I like how people can collaborate in real time on Google Docs and thought “Hey, you don’t need 2 or more people to collaborate, let me make my 2 machines collaborate”.

Here’s how you can use Google Docs as a shared clipboard

  1. Open Google docs on machine 1
  2. Open a new blank document and save it as say, “Shared Clipboard”
  3. Open Google docs on machine 2 using the same credentials, of course.

Voila, you are done. Now paste anything in machine 1, you can access it on machine 2 and vice versa.

Nov 292010

I have a tendency to buy redundant gadgets. If a music player is what I was looking for, the latest iPod touch is my fourth portable ‘music player capable’ device, however, playing music is not what I bought the iPod touch for.

I always used to secretly envy others who possessed an iPod/iPhone solely for one reason – Apps. It was disheartening to see that most of stuff you do online has an app associated with it and guess what it is available only for iPhone or the iPod touch. In my honest opinion, iPhone is too expensive a device compared to to the touch. The price difference does is not justified given the differences are few [there is no phone in the touch, of course]

ipod-touch-4th-gen-control-what-you-watchIt’s been a week since I got my iPod touch from US. I still haven’t started using it frequently as the military quality ZAGG invisible shield is yet to arrive. Jailbreaking it was a piece of cake although I didn’t find a compelling enough reason to do it! I don’t understand why people pay hundreds at National Market/Sukh Sagar mall to get it done.

Initial impressions:

  • The screen is gorgeous. 960×640 resolution is splendid, you have to see it to believe it.
  • The sound output is loud and balanced. External speaker is decent and is fun to use while gaming
  • The stock earphones suck big time. It hurts my ear and shows distortion when I pump up the volume
  • The 2 cameras are decent in daylight and next to unusable during the night. Decent for 720p video recording on the go.
  • The body is slightly slimmer than the previous iPod and nice to hold. It is also much lighter compared to my Samsung Omnia Pro
  • I am still getting used to home button and feel a back button like in the newer windows phone series would have been great
  • Connecting to Exchange on this is great. Emails look beautiful unlike on WM devices where scrolling is a pain HTML content content doesn’t get displayed properly

Apps I have found so far that are useful

  • Dropbox – I have been using dropbox since it was in beta and the availability of dropbox for the touch is welcoming
  • Facebook/twitter – Only I know how much I have missed a good social networking app in the earlier generations of windows phones. Echofon for twitter and the official facebook app works like a charm
  • VLC media player – The lack of such an app was a deal breaker for me when I had considered buying an iPod touch in the past. It was great to have drag and drop without need to transcode videos on my omnia. With VLC I can effortlessly play most video formats without having to re-encode them.
  • Lots and lots of fun games – I can’t name them all here.
  • iTunes university – Lots of amazing video lectures available for download
  • Google Maps – works like a charm. But is of not much use given that it needs WiFi to work.
  • Stanza – Another excellent application to read ebooks. Reading ebooks on a portable device was never so much fun. Die mobipocketreader!
  • Shazam – Identifies music on the go, however, only 5 tries per month before you have to upgrade.

I will keep updating this list as and when I find a cool app. Tell me which app do you like and how you are using your iPod

Sep 202010

What you are seeing is a blog which was hosted earlier at sriranga.co.nr. I decided it is a good idea to go for my own new domain name where I don’t have to depend upon the mercy of a freedomain host. That being said http://freedomain.co.nr is an excellent site for newbies who want to mark their presence on the web.

I have moved my old posts from the old site to new site. I have revamped the theme, customizing the current one took almost a day.

the counter on the right is stil a bit buggy. I will have to work on it and search for a good plugin which implements this functionality.

If you find any bugs in the site/design, feel free to leave a comment here and I will promptly look into it.

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