Aug 192013

I hate speed breakers as much as the guy next door. They are a nuisance, uncomfortable and sometimes scratches the car’s belly! A long uncomfortable ride back home in a cab made me think about this – when almost everyone agrees that it is a nuisance, why is it so widespread in Bangalore?

I have been to other cities abroad, in India and many even within Karnataka where the speed breakers are not so rampant. It makes more sense in Bangalore because

1. Nobody knows what STOP sign means. I haven’t seen anyone follow the stop sign the way we are supposed to – slow down, bring the vehicle to a halt and slowly accelerate; so there’s no point in replacing speed breakers with STOP signs when nobody is following it, with hardly anyone enforcing it.

2. Making dangerous/rash driving illegal just doesn’t cut it. When people know they can get away with petty crimes like rash driving, nobody takes this seriously. This is a big blow to the safety of other commuters.

3. There is no real escaping from the discomfort – You can be rich and influential enough to get away with rash driving in India, but, you can’t easily escape from the discomfort speed-breakers cause! It hurts everyone, so there is a big incentive to slow down and be careful.

I agree that there are a lot of unnecessary bumps but the bumps themselves aren’t unnecessary.

Now, I am wondering, why not have narrow slots within the bumps! Something that makes bumps look like this  ——-__———-__———- (Patent pending :P)? If you speed past through, you pay the price of course, however, if you slowdown enough to carefully go between the slots, you don’t have to face any discomfort!

Just a random thought.


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May 272013

I am not a very big fan of sandwiches. So, when my girlfriend spoke very highly of a sandwich shop near her place, I was naturally uninterested. Yesterday, we just happened to cross by Hari Super Sandwich and I was dragged to give it a shot. I ordered a capsicum cheese sandwich and it was surprisingly delicious! The best sandwich I have ever tasted.

What makes it taste so divine? Wish I knew! The bread looks ordinary, they aren’t even sandwich bread, it looks like the ones that are available in typical Iyengar bakeries, the sandwich is not grilled but toasted on a tawa, and the sandwich is cut into 9 cubes – inviting to be bitten.

The taste of the perfectly toasted bread, the aroma of liquid cheese and the crunchiness of the fresh capsicums was a heavenly combination. It was unlike any other sandwich I have ever eaten. I ordered a chocolate sandwich, which tasted great too albeit a bit salty, probably from the salted cheese that they use. You also get yummy dahi boondi, which can be a great refresher during the summers.

For once, the user reviews on Zomato have done justice to this place.  Sorry, I had no time to take pictures this time. For pictures and more reviews, please visit:

Verdict: Highly Recommended.

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Nov 122012

I was a big fan of Windows Live writer ( It would automatically import my blog template into the UI and was a super friendly WYSIWYG editor. I am writing this blog post from Word 2013 on my Windows 8 box. If everything goes well, which I hope, blogging would become incredibly simple and I will publish more content on my blog instead of trying to fit all my thoughts within 160 characters.

Alright. So here it goes..

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Mar 212011

I am posting this from my phone, so I will keep this short.

If you use more than one calendar service on your wp7 like I do and wondering why an event that you added to say, Google calendar on the web is not reflecting yet on your phone or wondering how to force it to reflect on your phone, here is what I found:

The calendar syncs with your email account, hence, although you do not see an option to force sync in the calendar itself, you can do it by pressing the refresh icon in your corresponding mailbox!

Bonus tip:

Did you know that you can ignore your toast alerts by sliding it right? I was always wondering how to do this, when I used to get an SMS alert!

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Jan 192011

I have always wanted to blog from my mobile device but my old mobile would never make it comfortable for me although, technically, it had allthe features in the world.

Thanks to my work place, I have a very handy mobile internet device – the htc
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Sep 202010

What you are seeing is a blog which was hosted earlier at I decided it is a good idea to go for my own new domain name where I don’t have to depend upon the mercy of a freedomain host. That being said is an excellent site for newbies who want to mark their presence on the web.

I have moved my old posts from the old site to new site. I have revamped the theme, customizing the current one took almost a day.

the counter on the right is stil a bit buggy. I will have to work on it and search for a good plugin which implements this functionality.

If you find any bugs in the site/design, feel free to leave a comment here and I will promptly look into it.

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Oct 062008

After some deep thought, I have decided to add a section called movie reviews. Here you will find reviews of movies which are not necessarily new..

Starting with the movies I watched last week

1. To kill a mocking bird :
 rating 7.5/10

Amazing acting. A very simple script, might be boring to watch on a dull day. About American culture during the Depression. Incredibly simple, simply incredible.. Must watch, if not now, atleast in your life time. Based on a book which won the Pulitzer prize some time back.

2. The Sixth Sense :
    Rating : 9/10
   A story about life after death. Psychology. The best ending I have ever seen. You need to watch the movie twice to appreciate the care taken in directing the scenes. Brilliant acting by the kid and Bruce Willis. Brilliant script. I thought this was overrated before watching this, I was wrong. Way to go Manoj N Shyamalan..

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Aug 092008

Updating long after I got placed in Accenture.

After deciding not to write neither Infosys/Wipro coz I hate them both; I decided upon writing Accenture..

Written – GD – HR Interview – Tech Interview .. Got over at 11 PM !! I was one among the 20 selected from my college!! I had actually planned to write only Atos Origin.. I am glad Atos Origin didn’t come !! No regrets..

*Placement process still underway :P Tier 2 and 1 are still open for me.. waiting for a nice(r) company to work for..

Aug 092008

Here is a list of my favourite applications, its not exhautive though.

Media Player : The KMPlayer

This is the best media player I have seen so far, mind you I have used VLC, Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, Zoom, etc etc. The number of options you find in this is really amazing. It has very good audio and video filters which can be customized, drag and drop support for subtitles, subtitles position setting, subtitle syncing which I have found to be most useful.

It plays whatever you throw at it, loads videos with similar names automatically, i.e., if you have ????s01e01 after it is finished ????s01e02 gets loaded automatically if its in the same folder. Another feature which impressed me a lot is that “After Playback” feature. It lets you choose the action which it has to perform after completing the current playlist/track/movie which includes a simple exit, shutdown and others.

Highly Recommended

Download Link : Click here

Browser : Mozilla / Opera

Its not a secret that Windows Internet Explorer is buggy and prone to attack by malacious codes. Managing Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) is a nightmare. I strongly suggest using Mozilla Firefox 3.1 which eventhough crashes sometimes if used with lots of plugins, is a decent browser. The best part of it (sometimes also the worst) is the ability to add add-ons.

download link :

Opera : The best out there

Opera is not only intuitive but also beautiful with all the features you can think of. I sometimes feel Opera has all those ‘plug-ins and add ons’ of Mozilla built into it. Most Compatible with the latest standards, available on multiple platforms, ability to configure ‘speed dial’ are some of the pros worth mentioning.

download link :

Uhff.. My hands are aching, hence I will just mention some nice applications. Google it for download links :D

Music Player : Foobar 2000

Dictionary : WordWeb

Bit Torrent Client : uTorrent

Image Viewer : Irfan View

Antivirus : Bitdefender/Kaspersky

FTP Client : Cute FTP

C++ IDE : Bloodshed Dev C++ : light and powerful

Signing off now.. More Gyaan later..