Dec 072011

Unlike people who buy Gold and Real Estate, gadget lovers have to move on to flashier ones quite often and depreciation of the value doesn’t help either!

I was wondering what to do with my old Samsung Omnia B7610 Pro (whatta name!) after I upgraded to a Windows phone. No one wants to buy it on tech forums and I hate to let it collect dust in a corner of my room!

Coming to the point, offers a nice deal where they buy your used stuff and give you a discount coupon which you can use in the next 3 months. I got a very fair price of 6500 for my 2 year old phone. However, if something is too good to be true, it probably is – there’s a catch here. You can use that coupon to buy items that are at least 5 times it’s value AND the price you see after you enter details may not be the actual price they are willing to pay for it. Please go through the rules carefully if you are considering to sell your used stuff here.

I want to take a shot at this as I was anyway planning to go for a HDTV in the future. Let’s see how it goes, I will update this post when I get my coupon Smile 

Before I forget, here’s the link:

Happy Shopping!

Feb 032011

Thanks to Microsoft, I got a shiny HTC Mozart 2 weeks back and I have been exploring it ever since. I will be sharing some tips and tricks in the next few posts which are not well documented any may be hard to find out just by intuition.

One of the best things about my new phone is the autocorrect feature. It is absolutely fantastic and is right most of the time, however, there has been a few instances where it doesn’t understand the local lingo, auto’corrects’ and fails.

Here’s how you can add words to the autocorrect bucket.

  1. Type the word and hit spacebar, you should see the autocorrected word being substituted
  2. Delete the word and type your word again. This time autocorrect should not ‘correct’ your word.
  3. Now select the word you just typed, you should see a list of words in the suggestions bar
  4. Select the word you have typed in which appears with a “’+” symbol next to it, voila, your new word is added.