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Welcome to the world of torrents. The internet is filled with torrent sites which promises to be the best, only later to be disappointed with inappropriate material and loads of pop ups and ads.

I love mininova, it has a very large user base and very ‘family friendly’. I generally use torrents to only download TV episodes. Mininova always has all the latest episodes, but the Seeders are generally lower than Leechers, so you might not be able to download at the maximum transfer rate.

This is where Private trackers come in handy. These are called private because only registered users can download torrents from their sites. They more often than not, will have rules forcing a user to maintain a minimum download/upload ratio. If the ratio goes below a fixed threshold they will be banned from the site.

This helps in keeping a good share of seeders, and also urge the users to share more.

IPtorrents is one of the many private torrents available online. I love it for it’s ease of use, honest recording of uploads/downloads and their bonus feature(more on this later).

First of all IPtorrents is an invite only site, this is deliberately done to prevent misuse from people who sign up, download loads of stuff and don’t mind being banned because they know for sure they can sign up for another account. So, Obviously you need an invite to join, and invites are provided in limited numbers to existing members. I am planning to give away 5 invites to people who can assure me that they will maintain a good ratio.

Why only IPT?

  • Freeleech : These are tags attached to certain torrents, for which downloads doesn’t count and only upload counts. Keep in mind that you need not maintain a good ratio with individual torrents, only overall your ratio should be good. You can find really good torrents with these tags –complete season of a series, complete collection of movies of a director/actor etc.
  • Bonus Points : There may be situations where you may not be able to maintain a good ratio because there are simply not enough leechers. Fret not, your sharing is not unrewarded. You keep accumulating bonus points for every hour you seed, which can later be used to get invites or improve your ratio.

See you in IPT. Leave a comment stating why you need an IPT invite, and also try to convince me you deserve one :)

  44 Responses to “IPtorrents : My Favorite private tracker”

  1. Thanks a lot for your invite! Now I have a much higher ratio than you do :) Am a power user now :D
    IPT rocks! But so do EZTV torrents for latest series releases..
    And if you run out of invites, I can give some!

  2. Thanks for the invite. I wish the search engine was good. It isn’t giving proper results at all :(

  3. I will take a invite if you guys have any left I have a account on torrentleech with a TB of upload and am just looking for a broader selection of torrents

    Thanks in advance =)

  4. it just ended D= dang it

  5. so i guess im still looking for a invite if anyone has one =/

  6. Hey could i grab an invite? Hav a decent ratio at Bitsoup and Torrentleech

  7. hi guys.. can i ask an invite for IPT?

  8. can anyone send me an invite please am begging i really need it

  9. i promise to seed as long as i can i need for my business please help

  10. @roxse

    mail me ur email add i will invite u

    my email add is haider_naseer@hotmail.com

  11. my favorite tracker just went down, may i ask someone for invite? i can post/send details about the ratio i had, 6.xxx +++ || 9xx.xx uploaded / 12x.xx downloaded

  12. I’ve been looking for an invite to a private tracker for weeks… months… I don’t know… but I don’t have any connections and have no way to get an invite any other way. Could somebody please help me out?

  13. IPTorrents is one of my favorite torrent site on the net.
    I been using IPTorrents for the past 3 years and they never disappointed me.

    I am very happy from them and i left all other private and public trackers, just using IPTorrents.

    if anyone not having IPT. search around and find invite somehow and enjoy whatever IPTorrents is providing :)

  14. i have been looking for a iptorrent invite for a long time now. i just managed to pass by here. its as if my prayers have been answered .
    if you have any invites left …….. please !!! it will be a boon for me . i can assure u i will sed as long as possible . i have a very good ratio at elbitz.net .you can trust me.
    thanks in advance ; even if u have none left for doing such a commendable job.

  15. Fortunately i took an invite for a torrentleech account,İ opened a torrentleech account before 1 month, i was using nearly everyday for movies or programms download.İ opened today but is showing my account is deaktivate.İ cant understand,couse i was aktivating in every 2 days.Plz can somebody help for a new invite.Plz i really need it.

  16. Wow if anybody actually had an invite available that would be awesome. I keep at least 30% of my FIOS bandwidth open at all times for P2P its only right.

  17. hi ppl… i have an account in i love torrents… i’ve maintained a decent ratio… i need an invite for ip torrents badly.. so if anyone who could send an invite, i would be greatful… send the invite at p.rahul89@gmail.com

  18. I have been on a lot of torrent sites and Iptorrents.com is the best by far. You a can actually see the screens before downloading and get reviews on the quality before downloading. The download speed is awesome. It is just important that you do not hit and run. You can get banned.

  19. i have an iptorrent invite
    if anyone has Tvtorrent ready to exchange

  20. You can get an invite to just about any torrent site here: http://www.torrentauction.com

  21. Hey can i have an invite i assure to maintain the ratio

  22. I would greatly appreciate an invite to iptorrents if anyone has one to share. My seeding ratio on torrentzilla is 1.6. Thanks.


  23. Hi, Appreciate an ivitaion to iptorrent. i have a seedbox for downloading. thanks

  24. can i get an invite for ip torrents at yashwantn2003@yahoo.com

  25. ive been a Demonoid member for a long time with a excellent ratio.
    i’f love IPtorrent invite
    I’d gladly give you a demonoid invite in return when the site is back up,


  26. If anyone meets the following requirements then email me at mlbvsnba@gmail.com (no spam please) and ask for an IPTorrents invite (or Bitgamer)


    1) Will keep AT LEAST a 1/1 ratio (its not hard they have “freeleech” torrents which don’t count towards your downloads)

    2) You must read the site’s rules; most are very simple and common sense but please read them if I invite you. If you cheat with your ratio, then I may also be at risk (because I invited you)

    3) You must visit the site once every 6 months (its fine if you don’t but your account will be deleted)

    **Please send me the following if you meet the requirements**
    ~ speed test – link OR image as attachment (http://speedtest.net is fine but PLEASE don’t lie…..its ok if your speed is low)
    ~ Your other torrent sites’ stats (you MUST have some experience and yes I understand that Demonoid is down so just estimate your Demonoid stats)
    ~ PLEASE send it from the email you want to be invited from

  27. i’d love and greatly appreciate an IPT invite, i promise i would keep the ratio up!

    if u seek for a dedicated user im you’r guy! :D

    cheers! :D

  28. can I get an invite for iptorrents.com ,please volkomx@googlemail.com

  29. I have 3 invited for iptorrent & Demonoid if anybody is interested.


  30. My email address is dunkydonuts@hotmail.com

  31. i have two iptorrents invites looking for other private trackers if someone is willin to trade email me hugh_jorgan5150@hotmail.com

  32. i want to trade invite if any one have invite of demonoid i will give invite of rtn
    just email me @


  33. i want to trade invite if any ane have invite of funfile.org i will give invite of rtn just email me @


  34. Please anyone invite me. I need it. my mail id is: ratanparai@yahoo.com

  35. hi there, please anybody give invites for iptorrent, and demonoid.
    my id is junaid_mansoor@hotmail

  36. i have two iptorrents invites, looking for other private trackers. i need torrentleech invite or demonoid

  37. please anyone send me an iptorrents invite please…………………..my id is USAMASINGHERA@GMAIL.COM

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