Jan 162009

Hi everyone. I got my new BSNL connection today. I have heard a lot of woes from my friends using BSNL broadband about their erratic billing.

Here I am going to show you how to get good download speeds, and automate the process of restarting your modem at 2. Now you can sleep peacefully. Read on.

Tools :

  1. Windows XP Professional(Don’t ask me for download links :P)
  2. BSNL Modem. I guess it works with all Modems. I am using the Indian ITI modem DNA A211-1
  3. Bridged mode connection . I haven’t figured out a way to connect more than 2 computers in bridge mode. If you know how to do it, please Contact Me
  4. Notepad
  5. Freebyte’s Task Scheduler. You can use the Windows Task Scheduler too. I somewhat prefer using this application.

Creating a bridged connection.

  • Open a browser. type
  • You will be presented with a dialog box. The default username and password is ‘admin’. Type that and proceed
  • You will now see your modem configuration page.

Pitfall 1 : If you cannot access this page. Try turning off your firewall unless you know how to add an exception

  • In the Modem Configuration page : Click on Advanced Setup, then on WAN.
  • In the WAN setup page, in the first row (horizontal), click on Edit button.
  • Next again. Don’t change anything.
  • Now in the ‘Connection Type’ page. Select Bridging . Next. Next. Save.
  • Now you will be diverted to the Modem’s main page. Click on Save/Reboot.
  • Wait for 2 minutes till your modem reboots. You are done with the first part.

Creating a dialer for the new bridged connection

  • Start –> Control Panel –> Network Connections
  • On the left hand side, select create a new Connection
  • Click on Next
  • Make sure Connect to the internet option is checked. Click Next.
  • Select ‘Set up my Connection manually’. Click Next.
  • Select Connect using a broadband connection that requires username and password and click next
  • Give some name to the connection. e.g., mybsnl (Remember this name. It is important)
  • Enter username and password. You would have got this username and password from BSNL.
  • Select Add a short cut to my desktop and click Finish.

Creating batch files

  • Open Notepad
  • Type “rasdial mybsnl(or whatever name you have given) userid password
  • Save as “dial.bat” in some location. Make sure you choose “All files” in the type field while saving. To save the trouble, type the file name with “ included.
  • In another document Type “rasdial mybsnl /disconnect”
  • Save as “disconnect.bat”

P S : You can double click on the dial.bat to connect to the internet when in bridged mode.


  • Voila You are done. Do not forget to keep this scheduler open. Do not Close it. Do not press the ‘X’ button. I am repeating this as this is important.
  • You can also go to Start –> All Programs –> Accessories –> Systems Tools –> Scheduled tasks
  • Add a scheduled task similar to the one described above. One for disconnect at 2:00 AM, Connect at 2:05 AM and again Disconnect at 7:55 AM. If you wish you can also add a Connect routine at 8:01 AM

Use a download manager or torrent manager with scheduler. You can use flashget or uTorrent.

Sleep peacefully and enjoy automated downloads. If you have any doubts, you can leave a comment.

Hope you find it useful.

  26 Responses to “How to make best use of BSNL night Unlimited Plan”

  1. in bridge mode NAT is disabled and hence all ur ports are invariably forwarded..unless your using line>router>modem>ur computer configuration,in which case u have to forward router>modem properly…
    u’ll have no problems with Utorrent ports

    for rapidshare users(free ofcourse ;))
    to bypass wait time between succesive downloads
    create a bat file
    For /F %%i in (‘printip’) Do @Set IP=%%i
    rasdial connection_name /DISCONNECT
    rasdial userid password
    for /F %%j in (‘printip’) Do @set IPNEW=%%j
    if %IP% == %IPNEW% GOTO AGAIN

  2. btw to make sure u tat u dont dial and hangup too many times to get a new ip …u can use sleep.exe with an argument(in seconds)…go google abt sleep.exe and place it in system 32
    schedule to run these bat files after each download…

  3. Good one da Deepak. You are renewing an IP to bypass rapidshare wait times right? what is the wait time generally?

  4. hey i may sound stupid…..
    I hear so many ppl talking abt port forwarding etc,
    y do we REALLY need it?
    can just demystify it?
    like “port forwarding for dummies”?

    • In BSNL, a public IP is given to you dynamically. This is the IP of the modem(router). The router in turn assigns private IPs in the range 192.168.x.x to each of the connected computers.
      Each application on a machine runs on a definite port. e.g., HTTP service runs on port 80 and so on. Now imagine 4 computers connected to a common router. Each computer sends a HTTP request. The serviced request(reply) must know which computer it should deliver the packet to. All it knows is the public IP (private IP is within your network). If it tries to address it by it’s public IP and port number, it might land up in any one of the 4 connected computers.

      So what a router does is, replaces application port number in the TCP header with another number which is unique(say x). The reply is tagged with this port no(x). The router then has to replace the port number x, with it’s original port number.

      uTorrent being an application uses some logical port which needs to be ‘forwarded’. Hence the name port forwarding.

      Fortunately, if you bridge the connection, your modem no longer acts like a router. The processing is done completely by the computer, there are no conflicting logical ports, hence no problem. Hope I made it clear.

  5. Your tutorial to change to pure bridged isn’t the same for all modems!

  6. thanks a lot ranga !!!! Working really fine with me !!! Rocking speed and no need to wake up to download stuff !!!

    Waiting for more updates of these kinds !!! :P

  7. Thank god u changed to BSNL … good for me !! :D

  8. @ranga:the wait time is 15 min….really annoying…

    errata:in my first comment

    the config is line>modem>router>comp(sorry was sleepy)

    btw did u find out how to hook up more comps to the net in bridge mode…

    btw airtel chopped off 200 bucks in this month’s bill just because my net connection was down for 6 hrs…booo hooo all bsnl users…i’ve seen bsnl users cry tat their server was down for days

  9. I use openDNS servers. No downtime for me. Even I heard bsnl DNS servers are bad.

  10. Hey thanx a lot ppl for the information… actually came across a lot of new stuff… thanx a lot ranga…

  11. Hey but there is a problem with bridging… if you are using wireless modem and two people are connecting to the network at the same time, each will have to dial with the ‘user name’ and ‘password’… that time there is a conflict and only one of them can connect…

    instead rather use timeout and redial the connection if idle every unit interval of time (minimum of 1 min) which actually refreshes the connection and hence there wont be a problem in the billing also…

  12. dude..awesome…previously my speed was like hardly 40kps…and now its 192 kbps….thanks a lot dude…

  13. Hi,

    If I follow the steps,I am getting error while dialing the connection manually,

    The error is

    “The remote computer is not responding….”

    Pls help me


  14. Hey,

    Actually i removed the static IP assigned on my excisting LAN card and My dial up is working fine !!! Thanks …

    But there is another problem , After connecting to the internet using my broadband dialup,if the PC goes to standyby,internet goes off…:(

    Any workaround for this is appreciated.

    Thank you

    • No workaround for this right now. Just reconnect every time you come out of stand by. Why do you want it to be connected when it is in stand by anyway?

  15. by applying this…..what it will do?
    is this process only for bridging 2 computers????
    I use wifi modam…..what speed i will get in night>?

    • This doesn’t bridge 2 computers. Infact I still am unsure if it can be used if 2 computers exist on a single connection. So far as speed is concerned, it depends, but from what I have observed it generally increases by a large amount.

  16. sir i am using ut300r2u modem in pppoe mode can u help me in setting this to reboot automatically during my free download hours

    • Hi vivek. There is a big work around if wanna reboot your modem in PPPoE mode. You can install iMacros in Firefox, schedule firefox to load at 2:00 and run a script which would login to your router and click on reboot.. Search around for exact details.

  17. thanks a lot sriranga…u saved my many sleepless nights…:):)

  18. iam using wire less lan connection for my laptop
    can u tell the procedure bcoz no network connection is created

  19. Can it be done in Unlimited plan 2 make it faster. My modem is S4U+ V1.0. How to set d setting as u told in this modem.

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