Oct 062008

After some deep thought, I have decided to add a section called movie reviews. Here you will find reviews of movies which are not necessarily new..

Starting with the movies I watched last week

1. To kill a mocking bird :
 rating 7.5/10

Amazing acting. A very simple script, might be boring to watch on a dull day. About American culture during the Depression. Incredibly simple, simply incredible.. Must watch, if not now, atleast in your life time. Based on a book which won the Pulitzer prize some time back.

2. The Sixth Sense :
    Rating : 9/10
   A story about life after death. Psychology. The best ending I have ever seen. You need to watch the movie twice to appreciate the care taken in directing the scenes. Brilliant acting by the kid and Bruce Willis. Brilliant script. I thought this was overrated before watching this, I was wrong. Way to go Manoj N Shyamalan..

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  1. I like that movie The Sixth Sense, the end is great, love this site btw :)

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