Feb 032011

Thanks to Microsoft, I got a shiny HTC Mozart 2 weeks back and I have been exploring it ever since. I will be sharing some tips and tricks in the next few posts which are not well documented any may be hard to find out just by intuition.

One of the best things about my new phone is the autocorrect feature. It is absolutely fantastic and is right most of the time, however, there has been a few instances where it doesn’t understand the local lingo, auto’corrects’ and fails.

Here’s how you can add words to the autocorrect bucket.

  1. Type the word and hit spacebar, you should see the autocorrected word being substituted
  2. Delete the word and type your word again. This time autocorrect should not ‘correct’ your word.
  3. Now select the word you just typed, you should see a list of words in the suggestions bar
  4. Select the word you have typed in which appears with a “’+” symbol next to it, voila, your new word is added.

  3 Responses to “How to add words to autocorrect list on windows phone 7”

  1. Now, how do I remove items from that list?

  2. Yes, this will add words (and the Settings\Keyboard\Reset Suggestions will remove ALL), but how to you remove ONE word you accidentally added? I don’t want to remove all, just one.

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