Mar 062011

Do you see status updates in Facebook from only select few people? All the time? Do not fret, your other friends haven’t blocked you from seeing their status updates nor have they abandoned Facebook and become a monk.

Thanks to a new ‘feature’ introduced by Facebook which of course they decided to set as default.

Show posts from: Friends and pages you interact with most

This feature had led me to believe only a few of my friends were actually active on Facebook! Thanks to Reddit, I got to know about this and changed my setting to Show posts from all my friends and pages!

Here is how you can do it too!

1. In the Facebook Landing page, click on Most Recent

2. If you are in the ‘Most Recent’ page,  drop down menu will be activated next to the text which says Most Recent.


3. Choose Edit Options


4. Check if your setting looks like the image below Show posts from: Friends and pages you interact with most


5. If Yes, change it to Show posts from: All of your friends and pages


That’s it! You should now see updates form all your friends.

PS: I still do not understand how facebook decides what is top news and what is not, If you do, please let me through your comments!

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  1. really fine. i want to read more.

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