May 272013

I am not a very big fan of sandwiches. So, when my girlfriend spoke very highly of a sandwich shop near her place, I was naturally uninterested. Yesterday, we just happened to cross by Hari Super Sandwich and I was dragged to give it a shot. I ordered a capsicum cheese sandwich and it was surprisingly delicious! The best sandwich I have ever tasted.

What makes it taste so divine? Wish I knew! The bread looks ordinary, they aren’t even sandwich bread, it looks like the ones that are available in typical Iyengar bakeries, the sandwich is not grilled but toasted on a tawa, and the sandwich is cut into 9 cubes – inviting to be bitten.

The taste of the perfectly toasted bread, the aroma of liquid cheese and the crunchiness of the fresh capsicums was a heavenly combination. It was unlike any other sandwich I have ever eaten. I ordered a chocolate sandwich, which tasted great too albeit a bit salty, probably from the salted cheese that they use. You also get yummy dahi boondi, which can be a great refresher during the summers.

For once, the user reviews on Zomato have done justice to this place.  Sorry, I had no time to take pictures this time. For pictures and more reviews, please visit:

Verdict: Highly Recommended.

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