Aug 192013

I hate speed breakers as much as the guy next door. They are a nuisance, uncomfortable and sometimes scratches the car’s belly! A long uncomfortable ride back home in a cab made me think about this – when almost everyone agrees that it is a nuisance, why is it so widespread in Bangalore?

I have been to other cities abroad, in India and many even within Karnataka where the speed breakers are not so rampant. It makes more sense in Bangalore because

1. Nobody knows what STOP sign means. I haven’t seen anyone follow the stop sign the way we are supposed to – slow down, bring the vehicle to a halt and slowly accelerate; so there’s no point in replacing speed breakers with STOP signs when nobody is following it, with hardly anyone enforcing it.

2. Making dangerous/rash driving illegal just doesn’t cut it. When people know they can get away with petty crimes like rash driving, nobody takes this seriously. This is a big blow to the safety of other commuters.

3. There is no real escaping from the discomfort – You can be rich and influential enough to get away with rash driving in India, but, you can’t easily escape from the discomfort speed-breakers cause! It hurts everyone, so there is a big incentive to slow down and be careful.

I agree that there are a lot of unnecessary bumps but the bumps themselves aren’t unnecessary.

Now, I am wondering, why not have narrow slots within the bumps! Something that makes bumps look like this  ——-__———-__———- (Patent pending :P)? If you speed past through, you pay the price of course, however, if you slowdown enough to carefully go between the slots, you don’t have to face any discomfort!

Just a random thought.


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