Dec 102008

Last week I asked my fellow friend cum ‘Amateur mature cartoonist’ Nikhil Baliga to do a cartoon for me. I was really awestruck to see what a few good strokes of  ‘brush’ tool can do. I wanted to try it out myself now.

I was never good at Photoshop, I had meddled with Macromedia (now Adobe) fireworks half a decade back. After searching for some ‘dingbats’ online, and carefully drawing for an hour, here’s my first cartoon.

Comments and Suggestions welcome. I will try to  incorporate constructive suggestions in my future works. Before I forget, here’s the pic :P

My first Cartoon

My first Cartoon

  3 Responses to “Vyangya Ranga : Experiments with fireworks”

  1. Hmm..nice one..try to improve ‘cartoon’ aspect of it..i.e.the picture..

  2. And hey the title is better than cartoon:)But its vyangya.y is missing..correct it

  3. Thanks for pointing it out. damn no spell check for kannada! Will rectify it..

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