Oct 252008

Autos are indispensible at times, but it’s a nuisance most of the times.

Even though the number of Auto Rickshaws, popularly called autos in Bangalore, exceed the required figures by a vast margin, the Govt. has been giving licenses to anyone and everyone!

Auto Drivers in Bangalore are very different from their counterparts in other parts of this country. They believe they are RoadKings! No one dares to argue with Auto Drivers, thanks to their so called Auto Drivers Union !

With an exception of a few, like in most other cases, autowalas are characterized by their rudeness, refusal to go on hire, loud music and reckless driving !

Inform them that its illegal to refuse to go on a  hire, that its a punishable offense under Motor Vehicles Act and get ready for that killer stare from them! They start abusing everyone starting from the traffic police to the transport minister!

Demanding excess fare and refusal to go on hire is so common in Bangalore, and Policemen themselves are least bothered about it. I have tried complaining to a Policeman once, but in vain – No action taken. You will end up in a situation where the auto drivers laugh at you!

The traffic police in Bangalore are no better when it comes to such incidents, Phew! I will save it for another post!

Having Pre-paid auto kiosks was a neat idea and I hope it gets implemented on a large scale.