Jan 042009

This is dedicated to Lady Lecturers in VTU, who have to do the nappy pads, wash dishes, cook for their loved ones and on top of it have to teach us people.

Situation : In midst of a presentation, the mouse(trackpad… hey but I should use their language :P) goes conk.This is based on a true incident.

PS : The presentation is running in Windowed mode :)

Lady lecturer in trouble

There are some more details in the cartoon. Try if you can find them..

Dec 112008

The title is in contrast to ‘It happened to me’ published in a popular Indian Children’s fortnightly TINKLE.

My second cartoon. Hope you all like it.

Cartoon 2

Cartoon 2

Out of the picture disclaimer : The person in the cartoon is fictitious, any resemblance to any person either living or dead is purely coincidental.

PS : Please do not flood VTU website. It’s official, the exam which was supposed to be held on 27th of this month is postponed. Yes, I am sure. You read it right the first time.

Dec 102008

Last week I asked my fellow friend cum ‘Amateur mature cartoonist’ Nikhil Baliga to do a cartoon for me. I was really awestruck to see what a few good strokes of  ‘brush’ tool can do. I wanted to try it out myself now.

I was never good at Photoshop, I had meddled with Macromedia (now Adobe) fireworks half a decade back. After searching for some ‘dingbats’ online, and carefully drawing for an hour, here’s my first cartoon.

Comments and Suggestions welcome. I will try to  incorporate constructive suggestions in my future works. Before I forget, here’s the pic :P

My first Cartoon

My first Cartoon