Jun 182009

Today is an important day. Actually it was yesterday. I gave my last paper of my 4 year course in Telecommunication Engineering. Phew!! What a journey!

Yesterday was Melancholic. Well, the exam was much easier than our expectations. That is not what I am talking about. It’s about writing exam for the last time ever, ok this is going to grow large. Let me make it a list.

  • not seeing all those familiar faces again(in one place)
  • those endless discussions in Open Air Theatre (OAT)
  • countless ‘tea-breaks’ while studying for internals in OAT
  • getting thrown out of class
  • not being able to control laughter even when the lecturer is shouting at you
  • hiding books in library so that you can get it issued later
  • paying fine for books which you never read once but kept for a long time
  • Getting down from the bus just to realize the connecting bus to college just left!
  • Eating Food Point poori in a plate that you know the dog was licking the other day!
  • Donating blood so that you get attendance and free uppit
  • Sprite making hissing noise in the middle of a lecture!
  • Sitting in the last bench and commenting on those who are sitting ahead of us
  • Imitating lecturers and calling them names!
  • Entering a 8:15 – 9:15 class at 9:10!
  • Sneaking in my mobile phone every day of my college. I have never been caught!
  • Timidly switching off my mobile phone when it suddenly starts ringing loudly in an internal exam!
  • Making anagrams out of the first letters of an 8-point-8-marks question so that it becomes easier to cram!
  • Those boring 2 hour lectures!
  • Playing Air-Piano in final round of a mock-interview! FAIL!
  • Singing In the end in the middle of 100 feet ring road to get tickets to Radio City live concert.
  • Seeing my name in the Attendance Shortage list every single time
  • Participating in technical fests!
  • Writing an abstract for an idea on the last page of a notebook during a boring class which eventually was selected for a conference and won me second place! Whoa!! I was watching Juno till 5 in the morning on the day of my presentation!
  • Playing our very own Name-as-many-characters-as-you-can-from-a-TV Show game
  • Desperately trying to find out how each component looks like on the previous day of lab exam.
  • Viva!!- Got to meet some of the biggest idiots in VTU..
  • Bandi – The roadside lunch point I used to rush to, with Rajeev, Sagar and occasionally Sharatchandra.
  • Sharatchandra’s take on hollywood flicks!
  • Suhas’ honeywell-akka,Cisco-bava stories (best ever – needs an honorary mention here)
  • Ramesh’s take on girls!
  • Harsha, Prads and NMK v/s Suhas, CD and Kailash’s football fights
  • Kailash speaking in Kannada (too funny) and Harsha trying to speak Shivajinagar urdu

and so many others.. Will add as and when I recollect them. If you know something memorable/weird I did while I was in college, Please tell me about it in the comments..