Feb 212009

I generally don’t watch Hindi movies at all. I had heard delhi-6 songs all over, music by A R Rahman, so I thought the movie can’t be that bad!!

I hate movies which try to imbibe moral stories. This one is an exception. The beauty of the movie lies in it’s simplicity, the inner meaning of the message and partly in Sonam Kapoor :P

Kudos to Sonam’s performance, one of the best I have seen in Hindi movies. Although the cinematography was alright, the picturization or rather editing of songs were pretty bad. I never for a moment felt that the actors in the movie were singing the song, no lip sync..Who ripped this movie?? err I watched it in a theatre.. So all the blame goes to the movie producers here.

There were major goof ups here and there. I wouldn’t say watch it with your brains turned off, because there are a lot of good points in the movie too.

The movie revolves around moto rokr.. You can see Abhishek flaunting it wherever he goes! He is full hip hop guy, but takes photos on a mediocre phone camera! I hated his fake accent too.

Call me a nerd but I have a sharp eye for technical detail. When Abhishek Bachhan chats with his mom on his MacBook Pro, he has used a cheap webcam. MacBook Pro comes with a nice webcam pre installed :P

A very nice supporting role by Divya Dutta and the rest of the crew. A complete entertainer, I was feeling young again, watching the movie..

Special mention for A R Rahman’s music which is mindblowing.

I hate to say I hate the ending. You ask me why? Go watch the movie yourself. Trust me, there are worse movies running :)