Oct 202008

I was cribbing about becoming young and going back to school for sometime now. Here’s one thing which I did to bring back my old school days :

Downloaded a copy of Space Commanders II – The first game I ever played on a computer ! It goes way back to class 4 (1997) ! I was thrilled to find that game online, and only 5k. And my ‘modern’ computer won’t run that !

Fix: Downloaded DOSBox, a free 386/486 emulator. Yippee!! The game runs super smooth..Those dos-sounds, black and white screen (was actually green back in my school) and simple game play is unbeatable. I can say I relived my childhood for 20 mins.

My exposure to computers was so bad that I had actually written “The use of space bar is to kill invaders” as an answer to “What’s the use of space bar?”..LOL.. Good old days.

For those of you who are curious to see how the game looks like, here you go

Good old Space Commanders

Good old Space Commanders

Thats it for the day, will look for digger and dave tomorrow. And may be programming in LOGO :D