Dec 132010

I could have as well titled my post “How to add your manager on face book and still manage to have a life! :)

What do you do when one of your colleagues at work or your manager asks “Do you have a facebook account?” I have seen replies ranging from “What’s facebook?” to “Let me send you an invite right away!” however, when somehow they do find you and send a friend request, you can’t deny that you have a face book account and suddenly face book becomes less interesting. You cannot rant about your workplace or put up inappropriate status updates. I am not against being responsible in the social media, just that a few friends and colleagues from your college or workplace should not make you think thrice before you share something on facebook.

Enough prologue, coming to the point, I will show you today how you can separate, or should I say categorize friends on face book so that you can add all your colleagues from work without worrying. It helps when you want certain updates to be visible to certain group of people, say relatives, friends, work, college, what have you!

In the right hand top corner on your facebook page, choose account and click on privacy settings and go to Custom.


Although you have a lot of settings which you can change here, posts and pictures are of particular interest to us.


Click on customize again and hide all your status updates from people in your “Work” list.


Now how do I add users to a specific list? Click on account > Edit Friends and create a new list. Categorize your friends according to your preference. With this combination, you can decide who sees what on face book.

Now, if you want to share something with everyone including your professors, colleagues and your neighbor’s dog – make sure you click on the small padlock button when you are posting and choose “everyone”


As you can see, Everyone is my default privacy setting! If you have followed my instructions, you should “custom’” in bold which needs to be overridden here.

Hope this helps all my friends who were skeptical of adding their friends from work or college solely for this reason.

Please leave a comment if this post helped you in some small way.

PS: For people who are doubting my motivation to put up this post – Luckily, I have a cool manager and he was on my friends list well before face book beefed up its privacy settings :P