Sep 302007

Lot of people bug me asking about what I do online! My lecturers never stop asking the class ‘odhad bitre nimgenu kelsa irathe?’ ( What work do you have other than studying?)

So here goes the list…

1.Tech forums-

I have become a bit addicted to tech forum these days, trying to find out more about products and stuff ranging from iPhones to nuts and bolts.  I feel like living in a virtual world when people who you have never seen before answer your questions with all the interest in the world..

2.Private Tracker-

This was(maybe is) a short term addiction. I like their policy – ‘stop leeching start sharing’ .. Its a nice thing that there are a lot of private torrents which offer amazing share ratios and to keep you contented they initially gift you with 5 GB upload to keep you in good health.. Sad that isn’t up, it isn’t working from about a week after I got an invite!! Thats really sad.. God alone knows how much I have pardhadufied to get an invite.

now I have no patience to type what other things I do..

Let me start ‘ctrl+c ctrl+v’ ing

A nice Objective for people trying for placements :

Objective: Highly personable, results-oriented programmer seeking opportunity to lead or contribute individually on projects or programs involving e-commerce, 3D multiplayer gaming, b2b, web programming or client/server networking with database or other persistence strategies while utilizing my broad background in problem-solving to do pretty much any menial job you’ll give me oh please please please hire me, I’m d-d-des-desp-waaaaaaah!”

 Found this hilarious stuff on a blog by  some fella working in Google..

My chaddi dost Prashanth has started a Company of his own, he has promised to buy some ad space on my blog if I promote it :D

please visit .. For hits what else :D how will he convince Google to place ads on his site otherwise..

Oh how could I forget this?

I suddenly got all inspired to do a robot, searched online for tips, googled, asked in forum, thought ( don’t laugh) and finally ended up buying 2 motors, and some wire which I have dumped in a bin.. add to this, I bought a toy car.. no no not remote controlled, a simple battery operated toy car for 50 bucks to see how to fit the motor to the wheel..Also ripped a Shaver to find a motor with a asymmetrical luck there..finally got bored of that too.. planning to brag in col tom about how I ripped it…

Prison Break : Season 3

One of my all time favorite shows Prison Break season 3 premiered on my b’day.. well it premiered in US ! So had to wait 2 more days to watch it.. Thanks to Sify Broadband -for people who can’t wait ..I have the worst connection available in India at 128 kbps..:(

Sulking apart, it was a brilliant season premiere, very captivating.. A worse jail, actually the jail in the first season was so homey that all my friends( #include me) wouldn’t actually mind to live there happily…

What more to write in here?? I have to beg people to read my blog :D.. Hey Google Spider, have me for lunch !

Nevertheless to prove myself to myself as a tech savvy, I WILL BE BACK>>>

signing off..