Aug 282012

I love my Kindle! It is one of the best investments I have made. I can take all my books with me and buy a book whenever I want, without having to commute far to buy in a physical store nor having to wait for order delivery when I buy online. Instant gratification means a lot to me!

Kindle is obviously much cheaper in US and I don’t mind ads when I am not reading a book, I bought the ‘bare bone’ $79 Kindle from Amazon. I have some books with me that are available only in the US region and recently Amazon launched Kindle store in India with substantially lower prices to adjust for the prices of books in India and I was wondering how I can switch to the Indian store and still keep my old books from Amazon US.

I know that I could use a different login ID and re-register my Kindle to an indian id, but I was afraid I’d lose my old collection.

Then the idiot in me decided to check with customer support from Amazon. While I was waiting for them to come back, I just tried logging in and searched for books. Voila! I was taken to the Indian store and I could buy books in INR!

So in short – you don’t need to do anything! Just login from India and start using. If it still doesn’t work, update your address with your Indian address and you should be good to go.

So, why was I confused? Thanks to proxy in my office. I use our corpnet proxy in office which makes Amazon think I am in US and send me straight to US Kindle store.


I can now enjoy best of both worlds.

Also, people who are specifically looking for a link to Kindle store India –

I don’t advise people to buy Kindle in India considering it is ridiculously priced. For those who could care less – lets you buy Kindle with bill and warranty! 

Dec 102008

Last week I asked my fellow friend cum ‘Amateur mature cartoonist’ Nikhil Baliga to do a cartoon for me. I was really awestruck to see what a few good strokes of  ‘brush’ tool can do. I wanted to try it out myself now.

I was never good at Photoshop, I had meddled with Macromedia (now Adobe) fireworks half a decade back. After searching for some ‘dingbats’ online, and carefully drawing for an hour, here’s my first cartoon.

Comments and Suggestions welcome. I will try to  incorporate constructive suggestions in my future works. Before I forget, here’s the pic :P

My first Cartoon

My first Cartoon