Sep 122011

Let’s face it. You can’t really live everyday of your life like it’s your last. When Marcus Auerlius said “Live not one’s life as though one had a thousand years, but live each day as the last.", I am sure he didn’t consider people would have to work to live and survive.

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I was reading a post by Scott McIntyre on The Quickest way to Reveal What Really Matters in Life where Scott suggests a very thought provoking exercise –

You just have to ask yourself this little question:

If you could plan it, how would you spend your last day on Earth?

Scott believes Trying out this exercise will focus your mind and give you perspective on what really matters the most to you. The question might be basic, but the answers will be huge.

I tried this exercise and the answers I found led me to an entirely different conclusion – I don’t have to wait till the last days of my life to strike items off my bucket list !

Now that I know what matters most in my life and the things I would want to do on the last day of my life, I will plan to achieve them sometime very soon and go through this exercise again – to identify more things that I would want to do on the last day of my life and consciously try to achieve them in the shortest possible time. Over a long run and several such iterations, I would have in fact managed to live a few days like it is the last day of my life!