Jul 022010

Jumplist is one of the most prominent and useful features in Windows7. Many applications work very well with it. However, Gtalk fails miserably to implement even the most basic of jumplist feature – launching the application itself!

This is how Gtalk jumplist looks on Windows7


If you, by mistake the main Gtalk window, you should ideally be able to bring it back by either clicking on the icon in the taskbar or by launching it from the jumplistst! However, neither of these options seem to work.

The only way you can make it work is by launching it from the system tray! Hope Google fixes this soon!

Mar 052010

No, This is not a security hole in Outlook. It is just one of the creative ways to make use of Rules feature in outlook.

I am not sure about yours, but my computer is always connected to the internet when it is switched on. And it is switched on unless there is a power cut at my place :)

Many a times, I have felt like controlling my downloads, reset modem, shut down my comp or lock it after I realize I have kept it open. Although there are a lot of ways you can do it(see logmein, VNC, VNC on lifehacker), if all you want to do is run simple scripts or launch an application, look no further. You can set up Outlook to do the work for you.

Go to Tools –> Rules and Alerts



Click on New Rule, add any rule which is convenient to you. I have chosen “Move messages  with specific words in the subject to a folder” and click next. Specify an uncommon word in your subject lines in this field  “986786374shutdown” and then when a dialog box appears asking you “What do you want to do with the message?”.



Edit the rule descriptor by clicking on ‘application’. Select the application which needs to be run when you send a message with the subject line which you had set before.

if you want to run dos commands – you can create a .bat file and put you commands in that.

ex: if you want to shutdown your machine : shutdown –s –t 10

That’s it, now you can control your machine by sending email to yourself. It’s as simple as that.

I use this to start my download manager, shutdown my computer etc. Let me know what you would use it for.

Aug 222009

For most of us, a Search engine is the gateway to internet. We rely on it for day to day tasks. Thanks to search engines, we need not remember a plethora of domain names; a few words which you can remember from a site is all that is needed to take you to the right site.

A large population of internet users seldom click any link other than the first one the search engine throws at them. Some of them go further and explore the next page, and rarely does anyone go beyond the 3rd of 4th page. I was always wondering why Google says it found some millions of results as people are never interested in viewing the 1000th results let alone the millionth one. I was wondering why they’re waste computational resources on indexing data no one would ever use.

Today, I tried a little experiment. I searched for Apple on Google. It returned a whopping 340 Million results!! Whew.. Then I tried accessing the 2nd page.. I noticed there is an attribute which is seen in the address bar called Start, which changes for every page. e.g., for the 2nd page the PageStart value is 10, which actually says show results starting from the 10th page which is quite logical.

The URL looks something like this


I tried changing the number for 10 to 2000 to see the 201st page, but I was in for a surprise -

Sorry, Google does not serve more than 1000 results for any query. (You asked for results starting from 2000.

Here it is, Google can’t serve you results exceeding 1000 for any query! So the first question which was haunting my head was resolved..

I wanted to play around with Google more, so I tried giving another value – this time 640 to see if I actually get redirected to the 65th page.


Above is the URL I tried in my browser. It said “ Results 431437 of about 340,000,000 for apple”

Results 431437 of about 340,000,000 for apple

And it is now on page 49! Results 431- 437 should ideally be on page 42, moreover it should have actually displayed results 650-660. After all it has 340M results and it has no problem displaying upto 1000 results for any query.

Why is this anomaly present in Google? It is not specific to this search term alone. I have tried it with different search terms and all the time I see such anomaly.In some cases, clicking on the next page reloads you the same page.

All of the following URLs differ in the Start property but all point to the same page. Also you can see that the page number which is highlighted in each case. Though different numbers are highlighted in each case, we get to see the same result page everytime!!!


Go to the above URL and click on the next page (46). You will land up on the same page again! This anomaly differs with each keyword!

I don’t understand why this anomaly exists. If anyone has a clue about this, please let me know through comments.
Also, please share with me if you find any such anomalies in other search engines too!


Jun 202009

I  never thought I would become such a big fan of Word 2007 when I first saw it, that unfamiliar blue ribbon used to turn me off. Last semester of engineering is full of seminars, projects, reports etc. I will share with you some handy tips which have saved me a lot of time.

1. Managing Styles

Every college gives you guidelines/format for your seminar and project report. Most of the times adherence to the prescribed format is the only thing your guide will look for in your project! So it’s important to main consistency in your project report.

  • Click on the small arrow near the bottom right corner of styles section in the Home tab (or press ctrl + Alt + Shift+s)
  • You can either modify an existing style or add your new one. I prefer modifying the existing one coz it’s easy to use and some features like automatic Contents Table creating (which is explained later) treats them as defaults.
  • Modify(Right click -> modify) the Heading 1 style to reflect the one which is prescribed to you
  • Repeat for Heading2 style with the format of your subheading
  • Normal for the normal text as per your prescribed format

It is now easier than ever to differentiate between headings/subheadings and normal paragraph text. Creating a heading is now only a click away

Also, you can define your paragraph settings while modifying the Normal style. E.g., line spacing info goes here

Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Word 2007

2. Removing hyperlinks at once

Wikipedia and several other website form the prime resources for your project. These websites sometimes contain links, several in fact. It becomes a pain to remove this links manually. It is important to remove links for 2 reasons

1. It looks ugly

2. Your guide will come to know where you flicked it from

I have seen my friends trying to play clever. They remove the underline and change the color to black. That’s a very bad way of doing it. It doesn’t remove the link for one reason, and secondly it’s time consuming.

Solution : Select All (ctrl + A) and then Ctrl + Shift + F9

3. Using Page Breaks

It’s a very essential word feature and I am surprised not many know of it!! When you are at the end of the section and want to move to the new section, how do you do it? Repeatedly press enter key! WRONG. What this creates is a gap which is relative to the previous section. Add/delete content to the previous section and your new section will no longer start from the beginning of the page!

I know of people who have spent days trying to re align them!!

Simple solution: Use a page break. Go to Insert tab and select Page Break. Now no matter what, what follows a page break will always start in a new page.

4.Multilevel Lists

This is a very important tool used to organize your report into chapters, subchapters and so on. Using multilevel lists you can automatically number all your chapters and sub-chapters. Any text with Heading1 style is used as a Chapter name which has a single number index. A subchapter which is any text in heading2 has a 2 number index ex: 3.2 and so on. Multilevel lists are very helpful in generating Table of Contents, list of figures, list of tables etc very easily (see tip 5)

5. Generating Table of contents and list of figures

Filling up the Table of Contents is a challenging task. One mistake and you have to reprint a lot many pages! That’s how particular some lecturers are when it comes to page numbers. You don’t want to mess with them. If you have followed tip#1 and #4, your job is fairly easy.

To get an automatic table of contents page, go to References tab and choose Table of Contents. Choose and style and voila, table of contents is created automatically. Added a new section, no problem, just update the table and it will update the contents and page numbers!! It’s an indispensible tool.

To do the same for images, you can right click on the image everytime and choose a caption for it from the context menu (right click on it). Now to get table of figures, just select Insert Table of figures from the references tab.

These are some of the tips I could think of. If you know any more tips and tricks which can help poor souls in their last year of engineering. Do pen them down in the comments section.

PS: I am using Word 2007 to blog this post too.

PPS: I dunno if it’s a problem with Word or WordPress, either of them had screwed up the numbered list while exporting from Word to WordPress. I will stick to online editor from now on.

Jan 172009

This is in response to this article

EU accuses Microsoft of harming browser competition

The European Commission accused Microsoft Corp on Friday of stymieing competition by bundling its Internet Explorer Web browser with Windows systems.

This sounds ridiculous to me. I do agree there should be competition, for competition leads to better products. But, this is definitely not the way to kill it. There are umpteen applications which depends on IE internally for their smooth functioning. The ones I use, Winamp – to browse, Feedreader and Yahoo! Messenger – to play games. They all load IE in background.

Don’t believe me? Try disconnecting your internet connection while you are browsing. You will find an IE connection error page. Surprised?

Apart from this reason, say you don’t want to use IE for some reason, and wish to download Firefox/Opera/Chrome/Safari/What have you. How would you go about downloading it?I know some geeks will give me a top 10 list on how to do it, but Windows is not only for Geeks!

Internet Explorer is provided with Windows to provide a good out of the box experience. Every Operating system bundles a browser with it ! Most Linux distributions bundle Firefox with it, is it to crush Konqueror? Apple bundles Safari. Why is no one raising questions about them?

To make the long story short, I strongly believe a decision to exclude Internet Explorer will prove to be a disaster and strongly against the Goal of any Operating System : To provide a good User Experience.

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Nov 232008

Lab internals, weekend classes in Microsoft and long X-box gaming sessions after that and add to that the sify night-only play! My internet time has somewhat reduced this week :( Here’s the gist of latest news I found online..

What if Matrix ran on Windows – a nice video created by a College students..

Got attendance shortage in 2 subjects – I have less than 36 classes of attendance. If there is any PESIT junior reading this, this is the PESIT’s magic attendance formula. They don’t care how %age of attendance you have actually. Just the magic number 36. Make sure you attend at least 36 classes, else you will have to run around the department to get your hall ticket.

Watched Dostana (hindi Movie) – big disappointment for me; supposedly a box office hit.

IT Crowd Season 3 has started and I am happy to see my fav serials back on air again. Started Dexter some time back, good show – but people who can’t stand gore, try to staw away from this.

Yawn Yawn.. Its 0340 hrs IST!! Very slywej[wey. adoooooozeee