Aug 102008

Peter Norvig is the Director of Research at Google. Though not visually appealing, the content on his website is mind boggling.

I found this very creative

Norvig’s Law

Any technology that surpasses 50% penetration
will never double again
(in any number of months).

Some of the Quotes in his quotes section.
Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the Western Spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-eight million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue-green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.
Douglas Adams
If you are a technology enthusiast or someone who likes to read nice blogs, this is the right place for you.. Highy Recommended

Sep 302007

Lot of people bug me asking about what I do online! My lecturers never stop asking the class ‘odhad bitre nimgenu kelsa irathe?’ ( What work do you have other than studying?)

So here goes the list…

1.Tech forums-

I have become a bit addicted to tech forum these days, trying to find out more about products and stuff ranging from iPhones to nuts and bolts.  I feel like living in a virtual world when people who you have never seen before answer your questions with all the interest in the world..

2.Private Tracker-

This was(maybe is) a short term addiction. I like their policy – ‘stop leeching start sharing’ .. Its a nice thing that there are a lot of private torrents which offer amazing share ratios and to keep you contented they initially gift you with 5 GB upload to keep you in good health.. Sad that isn’t up, it isn’t working from about a week after I got an invite!! Thats really sad.. God alone knows how much I have pardhadufied to get an invite.

now I have no patience to type what other things I do..

Let me start ‘ctrl+c ctrl+v’ ing

A nice Objective for people trying for placements :

Objective: Highly personable, results-oriented programmer seeking opportunity to lead or contribute individually on projects or programs involving e-commerce, 3D multiplayer gaming, b2b, web programming or client/server networking with database or other persistence strategies while utilizing my broad background in problem-solving to do pretty much any menial job you’ll give me oh please please please hire me, I’m d-d-des-desp-waaaaaaah!”

 Found this hilarious stuff on a blog by  some fella working in Google..

My chaddi dost Prashanth has started a Company of his own, he has promised to buy some ad space on my blog if I promote it :D

please visit .. For hits what else :D how will he convince Google to place ads on his site otherwise..

Oh how could I forget this?

I suddenly got all inspired to do a robot, searched online for tips, googled, asked in forum, thought ( don’t laugh) and finally ended up buying 2 motors, and some wire which I have dumped in a bin.. add to this, I bought a toy car.. no no not remote controlled, a simple battery operated toy car for 50 bucks to see how to fit the motor to the wheel..Also ripped a Shaver to find a motor with a asymmetrical luck there..finally got bored of that too.. planning to brag in col tom about how I ripped it…

Prison Break : Season 3

One of my all time favorite shows Prison Break season 3 premiered on my b’day.. well it premiered in US ! So had to wait 2 more days to watch it.. Thanks to Sify Broadband -for people who can’t wait ..I have the worst connection available in India at 128 kbps..:(

Sulking apart, it was a brilliant season premiere, very captivating.. A worse jail, actually the jail in the first season was so homey that all my friends( #include me) wouldn’t actually mind to live there happily…

What more to write in here?? I have to beg people to read my blog :D.. Hey Google Spider, have me for lunch !

Nevertheless to prove myself to myself as a tech savvy, I WILL BE BACK>>>

signing off..