Jul 032011

I started watching Game of Thrones as I have run out of series to follow! It is an epic story of Kings, Queens, Dwarves, Dragons et al. beautifully interweaved into a highly unpredictable plot. I love Fantasy – mainly in books. The movies always disappoint me. When I watched Eragon, I couldn’t help myself grumbling Whaaa over and over, however, Game of Thrones is different.

To begin with, I did not read the book before I watched the series and I loved every moment in the series. Wonderful characters, witty dialogues – although the language doesn’t sound archaic like in most fantasy stuff and a very interesting plot. Let me stop you before you rush to buy the DVD to gift your 12 year old niece – There is nudity involved and the director has made no attempts to underemphasize. So, If I were you, I wouldn’t watch it with family!

I finished watching the entire series in 3 days – you know how! I can’t wait for the next season to begin so I started reading the second book – Clash of Kings.

My favorite characters so far have been Arya and the dwarf Tyrion Lannister. Peter Dinklage’s exceptional performance thoroughly deserves an Emmy! I am glad they are still alive. One thing which is very different from other series/movies is that there is no protagonist here and the writer doesn’t mind killing the good guy. This is what I enjoy most in the movie – it is not a moral story!

I hope my my humble attempt to lure you into watching this will work. Let me know if you watch it, like it or don’t like it in the comments!

Sep 292009

September is the month of premieres and some season premieres. I love the season premieres of my old favorites and found some new ones which are surprising good, and one show which was surprising bad!

What’s new?

The Good Wife: This is the story of Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) who is an attorney by education turns into an attorney by Profession after her Husband, a State Attorney gets caught in a corruption and a sex scandal. A legal Drama with a tinge of family issues. Looks promising, but it’s too early to say.

Rating: 7/10

Modern Family: A Mocumentary with the tag line – One big (straight,gay,multi-cultural, traditional) happy family. The writers do have a good sense of humour. It’s very different from what normally comes on TV. The way they connect the ‘micro-families’ together is indeed brilliant. Give it a shot if you like comedy and want something different.

Rating 8/10

The Cleveland Show: Honestly, the only reason I gave this show a try is coz it’s an off shoot of Family Guy, one of all time favorite. Cleveland leaves Quahog(the Family Guy town) and plans to live in California. I am surprised Seth MacFarlane screwed it up so badly. It’s anything but funny. It was downright boring! I will still give it a second chance and see how it fares up next time. Right now, it’s a thumbs down!

Rating 3/10

Old Dog, new tricks : Season Premieres

dexter_1Dexter: Dexter is back, and it’s back with a bang. Dexter is a Family man, and I thought this would deteriorate the thrills and chills this show brings you – I was wrong! The first episode was fast paced and entertaining with a twist in the end typical of Dexter episodes. If you have not been watching Dexter, you are missing out on a lot of Entertainment.

Rating 9/10

The Big Bang Theory: The latest episode of Big Bang Theory exceeded my expectations. Lot of Chemistry between Lenard and Penny. Sheldon is at his usual best. I am surprised he didn’t win an Emmy this year! I have seen many people with a ‘I don’t get it’ look on their face after watching BBT. You will really enjoy the show if you know your high school science stuff and can relate to it. A show I truly look forward to watching every week.

Rating 8/10

How I Met Your Mother:

HIMYM is back again. I remember watching this show for hours together. I was addicted to it. The characters are really lovable and Barney is simply superb! Lily, Robin, Marshall, Ted and Barney are a treat to watch. Now that Barney is going out with Robin makes it even more interesting. A must watch.

Rating 8/10

I plan to check out more new series, I will add them to the list as I watch them. Suggest me some good tv shows which you love.